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Celebrities and Celebrity Gossip

The life of celebrities is far from ordinary, both the bitter and thrilling moments are zoomed in order to furnish the public with juicy gossips and private struggles that are spread in front of millions all over the world. However who could claim that their life lacks glitter and fortune. Despite the ups and lows some still manage to earn the unconditional love of fans regardless of age group. These most wanted entertainers are keen to test the limits of fame and shock as well as chill people with their career, evolution and most of all  sassy private life. These articles are eager to offer you the latest conflicts and relationships from the world of celebrities. Being versed with the recent activities, projects and red carpet appearances is a 'must' in order to follow the development of this industry. Perk up the boring days with drama and suspense to tint your life with a unique shade of popularity and entertainment.

Miranda Kerr Talks Labour and Childbirth with InStyle August 2011

Famous Aussie supermodel and mom Miranda Kerr flaunts her hot body in the August issue of InStyle Magazine Australia. Find out what Miranda has to say about giving labour naturally and more in the interview she gave the magazine!

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Special moments in our life are worth celebrating and commemorating. People who consider some of the great actors and musicians worth-admiring, moreover real idols will be interested and more, enchanted by the brief biographies of their stars that line up all the special appearances, dates and events from the life of most wanted celebrities both on and off the silky carpet. Birthdays, first movie role as well as former and present relationships and marriages are all top notch moments of their life especially since these are crowned with an oh-so-fab ceremony or special awards as the Oscar. Follow them on their big day and also in private to find out as much as possible of their personality and lifestyle.

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Celebrity gossips also earned the title of 'most sought-after details' about entertainers. Consequently its time to dive into depth of these conflicts, 'ancient' wars and rivalries among the prominent members of the Hollywood Hall of Fame and music stage. Discover the newest and rising stars of the movie screen and musical industry in order to support them on the rugged way to success and fame. Find your look-a-like as well as celebrity personality-twin in order to identify with these socialites and adopt their style and most appreciated habits. From the stars who managed to climb and stay on the top to those who slid down and faded into oblivion as well as the ones who stepped on the yellow brick road, all will appear in our large and spectacular repertoire of celebrity news.

Feel free to make your own top of most famous celebrities from the parade of musicians, actors as well as socialites. Browse their life, as an open book, praising or judging them according to your preferences. Follow the tragic as well as breathtaking and also blissful scenes of their life in order to be up-to-date with their hidden or on the contrary exposed inner world that might influence their career. Find out more about the story of their private and public life from the latest news and gossips.

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