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Casey Johnson Dead

Johnson & Johnson heiress was found dead in her home, police launched investigation for the triggering causes. The circumstances of the death generated many controversies the house in Los Angeles was raided by investigators. The family was struck by the loss of their beloved child, after losing Keith, Woody Johnson's brother due to a probable cocaine overdose. The world of entertainment mourns the departure of the 30-years old socialite.

Casey Johnson's Death

January 4, 2010 marked the departure of Casey Johnson the daughter of Nancy Sale Frey am ex-model as well as Robert Wood Johnson IV. She was found dead by the maid in Los Angeles, after having a night-long party at the house of a friend. In the course of the investigation it turned out that she actually passed away a week earlier due to an unknown and still investigated cause that could presuppose the consumption of medications and additional substances. Her death generated endless controversies and debates on the way she spend her last weeks, controversial attitude as well as custody for the child. Her life-time friends as Paris and Nicky Hilton as well as Lindsay Lohan joined the family in their grief as well as the apparent fianceé Tila Tequila who was keeping fans up-to-date with the latest news on Twitter.

Casey Johnson The Heiress

Woody Johnson the owner of super-popular and successful New York Jets managed to build up a kingdom which after the tragic death of his brothers granted him with exclusive rights. Johnson & Johnson is a well-known and respected name in the industry and offered the chance for the family to provide their children with all that's necessary and even more. Casey Johnson proved to be a special girl right from the beginning enjoying the fame and fortune to extremes.

Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 8, she was willing to ally with her father in publishing a book that treats child diabetes as well as to appear in the most popular shows in TV as “The Fabulous Life Of...”. However as decades went by she piled up a multitude of scandals both with family members as well as lovers and friends.

As an open-minded and self-declared bisexual she dated both ladies and gents which landed her on the cover of tabloids more often than it was acceptable by her father Woody. Often accused with stealing various accessories as jewelries and also shoes, as well as becoming the target or the initiator of fights and conflicts, Casey crossed the barriers of law with great mastery and pleasure.

Her notorious career lead to a complete split with the family. In 2007 she decided to adopt a girl from Kazakhstan named Ava Monroe. Though deprived of all privileges she succeeded in staying in the spotlight by tying her life in December 2009 with reality-star Tila Tequila. 'Having a shot at love' in their case proved to be a public farce since it turned out after the death of the young star that the intention wasn't true just a marketing trick to boost their popularity.

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