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Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery

"The Hills" rising starlet managed to do a groundbreaking performance. The Heidi Montag plastic surgery project managed to fuse 10 operations at once, offering the fans a hardly recognizable look of the Spencer Pratt sweetheart. This obsessions seems to outnumber all the earlier goals of this spotlight-centered socialite.

Heidi Montag Career

Heidi Montag was one of the most broadcasted members of "The Hills" crew of upcoming starlet girls besides Audrina Patridge and the oh-so-popular Lauren Conrad. Proving her acting skills in the earlier "Laguna Beach'"series the young socialites managed to rise above the upcoming actresses with her controversial and outspoken character. Her marriage to Spencer Pratt launched a real craze both among fans and paparazzi to find out more about their private issues and ambitions.

Soon it became clear that Heidi won't stop at acting in semi-reality shows instead she engaged into a singing career, mesmerizing the audience with her first single”Body Language” in 2007 and keeping up with the expectations of music industry managed to show off with her singing talent also in the recently released LP entitled 'Superficial' which elaborates a multitude of issues inspired by real music industry. These singing ambitions echo her flourishing career both on the screen as well as music industry.

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery

The 23 years old jewelry of entertainment actress-singer earned the title for the most sought-after celebrity at least in the last few months. Booking for a surgery spa, she managed to change no less than 10 itsy-bitsy details on her appearance. Keeping the procedures in secret she managed to boost suspense and add an overwhelming flair to her final and much-desired entree. Explicitly confessing that she is obsessed with plastic surgery, Heidi Montag mastered this revolutionary art that offers the chance to turn into a brand new 'she' in one day.

Her metamorphosis included: neck liposuction, fat injections in cheeks, mini brow lift, chin reduction, botox injections in frown and forehead, pinned back ears, waits liposuction, nasolobial folds and also lips, breast implants, as well as buttock augmentation, nose job revision. Lamenting on the past years made the young actress and wannabe singer realize that this hobby tends to be go beyond any obsessions of her.

She declared openly to 'People' magazine that “For the past three yeas, I've thought about what to have done. I'm beyond obsessed”. Proudly supported by her hubbie Spencer Pratt, Heidi managed to rival ever-transforming celebrities as Michale Jackson, or Cher.
Cover Image via People

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