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Top Earning Female Celebrities

The entertainment industry has proven to be a beneficial environment for talented artists all over the world who have managed to significantly increase their fortune over time. From stars from the movie industry to award winning singers, and famous TV stars celebrities have managed to change the definition of wealth by acquiring incredible fortunes and living a luxurious lifestyle that amazed the entire world and female celebrities are make no exception. Discover who are wealthiest female celebrities from the entertainment industry.

The Olsen sisters

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are among the richest teenagers in the world. The twins have become famous since early childhood when they started acting in the popular television series ''Full House''. Since then, their career has moved on a continuous upward spiral. Due to their early debut it's not surprising that the fantastic duo has managed to become best payed young celebrities of all time.

According to Forbes magazine each of them has a fortune that is estimated to approximately 100 million dollars. But this incredible fortune that made them the wealthiest young actresses in the world has also created various arguments between the two, who have had serious conflicts regarding their finances, particularly because of bad financial decisions.

Julia Roberts

According to Forbes magazine, that Julia Roberts is the best payed actress in history. The actress, born in 1968 in Georgia has become famous in 1990 when she stared in the multiple award winning movie '' Pretty Woman''. She has become the first actress that has received a salary of 20 million dollars per movie.

Movies like ''Erin Brockovich'', ''My best friend's wedding'', ''Steel Magnolias'' and ''Monalisa smile'' where huge successes that help her acquire a whopping fortune estimated to approximately 140 million dollars. The future looks promising for the talented actress who plays the leading role in the film ''Eat, pray, love'', an adaptation of the Elisabeth Gilbert's bestselling memoir.


It shouldn't be hard to guess who is the richest female singer of all time. Madonna started her career in 1982 with the debut single ''Everybody '' has managed to sell over 200 million albums worldwide. Songs such as ''Like a virgin'', ''Material Girl'' or '' Justify my love'' are as famous today as they were when they were first released, proving that the title of the ''queen of pop'' is definitely accurate.

The eccentric singer has managed to create an impressive fortune over the years and in 2008 she was declared the richest singer in the world. Madonna's worth it is estimated at 325 million dollars and it continues to grow tremendously.

J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling is currently the richest writer of our time. The British writer has become famous worldwide after she published the ''Harry Potter'' series. ''Harry Potter'' books have set a world record by becoming the fastest-selling books in history. Since 1997 when she begun writing she has managed to raise her net worth to 1 billion dollars. Her contribution to awakening the interest and curiosity of the children of all ages was remarkable and was beyond anything she ever imagined.

''Harry Potter'' has become a brand that is worth more than 15 billion dollars being translated in over 65 languages thanks to her unbelievable talent and creativity.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey's life story is one of the most inspiring rags to riches story of all times. Born in a poor family in Mississippi, Oprah has managed to become a self-made billionaire being the richest female celebrity in the world. Oprah has managed to become famous in the late 1980s after her debut in a notorious talk show. Over the years she has consolidated her status with own shown that has become known worldwide.

She also managed to release her own magazine, radio and she even signed a partnership with Discovery network to make her own television network. Considering all these amazing achievement it's not hard to understand why Oprah's net value is currently over 2.5 billion dollars.

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